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Thread: Need inspiration

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    Praise Wow

    I have to agree with the rest. i was amazed that this was done in paint. The only suggestion I might make is to add some islands.

    great map

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    Allright, I need some inspiration again!

    I had written up a whole block of history for the recent continent I created, but decided it didnt really fit and would actually work better if I moved the entire story (with some changes) to the south-eastern continent Im working on now.

    SOOooo, does anyone, from looking at the map and fantazising a little, feel like just throwing out some ideas, for where kingdoms could be, names, the general political boundaries, history and so on of this continent?

    Anything is welcome, I really need to break the track my mind is working in.
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    Your rivers (at least I think they are rivers) appear to make great national boundaries.

    It could at one time have been one larger country, that has since broken down into smaller, (but still loosely) affiliated states.
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    Anyplace where a river meets the ocean is a great spot for a city because of trade. Anyplace where two long rivers meet is also a great spot. What I do is plot out my coastal and river cities then draw roads between them. Where the roads intersect I put a town. Then I draw roads connecting the towns. Where those roads meet I put a village. Then I sprinkle in hamlets here n there just for flavor. As far as naming, I have no ideas because I don't know what sort of people live here.
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