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Thread: WIP - Mapping "Karani's World" (world for a collection of short stories)

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    Wip WIP - Mapping "Karani's World" (world for a collection of short stories)

    So for a while now I've been trying to get all the stuff that happens in this series of short stories that I'm writing into a collective map. Turns out, when you only input the hero's journey, there is a lot of empty space left ^^
    Then I tried to give it a sense of distance and realism (I had deserts and ice on the same continent, which rarely happens within 500km, except maybe in GoT).

    This is the WIP so far:

    My main problem right now is finding the right typeface, color and positioning of all the elements that label forests, plains, mountains and the sea

    Here is also an album of the previous versions, the first one being made in September of last year. I guess there was a level up somewhere in between.

    maps - Imgur
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    I like the look of your map, although, like you say, it needs to have a better defined style. Are you making it look modern/atlas-style? Fantasy'ish? Satellite view like? I think that once you are clear about what you want, it'll look clearer as well.

    Now, something that is definitely absent as it is, and it would help a lot, is a sense of scale. Is this a mediterranean size Sea, an ocean, or a channel between two islands?

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    Not a big fan of that style but you did pretty well in my opinion.

    about positioning elements, mostly text :

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