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Thread: Some Evia'Arden locations

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    Wip Some Evia'Arden locations

    This is probably my... 3rd draft of this map? My end goal is to get a realistic version up, but this one works for my purposes for now. This is the main setting for most of my activity on Evia'Arden, my original planet. It's a larger world than earth, with longer days and a longer year.

    This next one is the first digital draft of the continent on the other side of the ocean. Well, part of it. These two maps combined make up probably a fifth of the planet's landmasses.

    And here's the old first digital draft of both together, for scale.

    The icons on the first map were snagged off free brush packs on dA, and the compass rose was cobbled together with the Angel font from

    I welcome any constructive crit.
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