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Thread: My first ever map

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    Wip My first ever map

    So this was the first map I ever designed from scratch. Wish I still had the psd file but lost it somehow. Anyways, I would love some critiques on what I could do better next time around.

    One thing I took note of was I don't exactly have many rivers in the continent and my "tundra" actually looks like crap. Would love some tips on how to make more of a tundra type of atmosphere. Also the reason the one part of the continent is a desert is because the sea there is extremely salty while the other side isn't as much. I got this idea from how some rivers/seas sometimes collide with one being salt and the other fresh but this time its just one is extremely salty over the other.
    My first ever map-418732_478792888812436_1284271804_n.jpg

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    I find this map interesting and neatly made. The lack of rivers doesn't bother much. For tundra areas, I was thinking to add few brown vegetation if possible. Just a suggestion.
    Maybe others can give more detailed feedback.

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    It has a very Asia feel to it. I see the old Soviet Union there connected to Japan.

    I like the colors and textures you've got there; the coast stands out nicely. It looks like your river "diverges" to the sea, whereas rivers should "converge" to the sea (except in the special case of a delta very near the coast).

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