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Thread: Designing a classic style map

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    Wip Designing a classic style map

    Granted I completely missed rivers but I was trying to design something that was barely mapped out just yet by someone so they had yet to get to marking rivers yet or something. One person told me maybe I should do a more hand written feel to my map but my handwriting sucks (no really I can't even read it) so is there a font of some sort or an editing I can do to a font that would make this look better?
    Also I enjoy the idea of the marking on the map as symbols but with the islands supposedly being really large the marks look too big but if I made them smaller it would look like dots. Should I just include these markings if I were doing a close up of an area then instead?
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    Default Designing a classic style map

    Try a middle ground between this size and dots for the symbols If you scaled down what you have to about half the current size I bet that would look ok. As far as the writing goes, plenty of folks scan the map in and only then add the labels.

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