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Thread: My First Map - Comments Please!

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    P.S. When I get a chance over the next few days (Whew BOY am I busy, Hallowe'en and Minitures Tournament AND study for CCNA.....) I'll tweek your map. Nothing super fancy but you should be able to 'disect' the changes.
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    hey there. great start! I like the update.

    Theres something on both versions I would like to suggest. There are a couple of un labeled structures above and in the mountains which feels inconsitent - and makes me curious about them, so if you establish the location of a feature it's good to label it...or are they intentionally unnamed?

    Even 'unkown city' works for me, which you have got elsewhere. For example, if you can't think of a name, just do the same ' the mysterious tower ' or something - or leave it out for now and you can have 'unexplored lands' which could leave the door open to put in at a later date perhaps.

    Ultimately a map is an informative document and its good (well, I like to see them) to have consisentcy and clarity

    anyway - good job!

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    I kinda like the map. Its got an old style to it like playing the ole game of Heroes of Might and Magic.

    First map ? Heck you should have seen my first map. This is waay better.

    Good work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redrobes View Post
    I kinda like the map. Its got an old style to it like playing the ole game of Heroes of Might and Magic.
    LOVE that game. HoM&M 2 was by FAR the best of the entire series. I remember spending 28 hours straight playing that one night with the expansion pack, and ended up having some 9000 skeletons by the end (Necromancer with max in the skill plus whatever the items were that raised dead from the battlefield) With my undead dragons, I typically ended up leaving the battle field with around 5-10% more troops than I started with.
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    Thanks for the comments guys.

    I'm still struggling with the whole mountain thing. For me that is one of the most difficult things to get right in CC3. Any further guidance will be appreciated

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    My Thoughts: Initially I really love the tone for the normal map color. I love that texture. But I'm not keen on MUCH else. Here is my critique:

    • The forest seems a bit uneven, especially in the north end you can't really see how the forest goes from dense to scattered. Try making more of a transition.

    • The mountains seem way too dense. Try, like the forest making a transition of the mountains light to medium to dense. Not just wham! density. It seems rushed.

    • The cactus' in the desert seems a bit too redundant.
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