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Thread: First tut results(ish)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korash View Post
    I do have a question about your layer tut though JR. Not actually about the tut, but the circle you used to demonstrate it.......Just how do you get Gimp to make circles and stuff??? This might be one of those times where I am staring right through what I am looking for, but I never know until it is pointed out.

    Use the correct selection tool. I don't have GIMP up right now, but there are both an ellipse and a rectangle selection tool which can both be used with various options. I typically(ie almost always if I can remember!!!) make a path and/or a channel so I can use it later, if nothing else, to use the Path/Channel to selection in case I need to modify it cause its hard to get it exactly the same twice! Anyway... both tools have ways for you to specify exact sizes of your selection, and sometimes I also turn on the snap to grid feature if I need it a certain size, but not in an exact location down to the exact pixel....
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    so you can specify the area of the select? Cool!!

    are paths and channels treated the same as far as usages go?

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