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Thread: Medieval map creation project, give me your thoughts

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    This map is AMAZING! Here is some Rep! Your mountains are incredible! I sure would love to know how you made them!

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    - Added shadow to some of the icons (castles and few others) to make them less flat. Some of the Icons were left as they are (not to be seen too easily) because those are meant to be found during our games.
    - “Soften” the water texture a bit. Here you go SteelG it’s the best I can do without going too solid blue or changing the sea texture completely. I made the change as I shared your opinion about the sea texture.
    - Added some new lakes and made few minor adjustments to some other terrains.
    - Added more battleground markers to show the main battlefields of the war between south and north.
    - Added the compass (actually already in the last update). I didn’t want the compass to be too fancy, but to go well together with the style of the map instead. I also added the legend and scale just to clarify things out.

    Gandwarf: I have been working with this map for the last 2 months and basically the first few weeks were spent just to build up the textures and designing the overall look. I have not calculated the hours spent and I’m not the fastest guy around with photoshop so “countless hours” could be quite accurate

    As the changes in this latest version are not that significant I will post the map straight away to the finished maps section, so don’t forget to check the thread “Bretoria at the beginning of the second time”. This map will continue living its life in our roleplaying campaign and will most likely change a bit in time gathering more details at least.

    Thank you all for your comments and suggestions along the way…I’m so glad I found Cartographers’ Guild when I was starting this one up, I wouldn’t have finished other vice…

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