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Thread: 3rd Party Map Viewer - based on google map api...thoughts?

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    Watching you from in here


    Still having a horrible time getting in on occassion...

    Anyway, I found this link and thought it might serve you well:

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    Hmm...I haven't checked the admin account in a while...there was such a logn time that I didn't get any mail I kinda stopped paying attention to it...sorry...I'll look into it though...and I'll also look into the map cutter.

    As for my map viewer project...its on hold until I can work out some of the directx issues I'm having at work...they will have a direct impact on this project and will help make this easier to finish.
    Robbie Powell - Site Admin

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    Post Maps in Google Earth.

    I added to this thread rather than creating a new one.

    Google Earth can display any image as an overlay. I this case, I created an artificial world using wilbur, then added polar ice in GIMP. It is covering the whole globe surface. You might

    Theoretically, other information (country outlines, city markers, arbitrary shapes, text, etc.) can all be added to the same KML file...

    I am still playing with generating higher resolution data for small areas and having that fit in when you zoom enough...

    The attachment is a zip of a kml file, as the uploads don't allow kml.

    -Rob A>
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