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Thread: Overland Game Maps

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    Map Overland Game Maps

    Various things I tossed together for GM's and for my own personal use over the course of my piddling with mapping techniques over the summer and spring of 2008.

    I've long been a fan of mapping and recently picked up a Wacom tablet to see if I cannot reinvent my markup of mountains and the like.

    The Ringlabor[/url] maps.

    Greycloaks Area Map

    (Sized for slower connections.)

    Upset with parts of it - like the mountains, before I could figure out how to really design their styling. Love the line-work, straight out of illustrator.

    John's Map to the Silver Axe of the Pox Army. Again, quick one never a fan of the sand or the like. Trees didn't turn out too badly.

    Finally a Wilbur example follows - never finished it and lost the PSD file in a reformat, regretfully. I looked forward to exploring this world further.

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    Praise REP for your mountains!

    Nice mountains, and welcome to the Guild. Post an official hello in the Members Intro forum. We have something for reputation, called REP - and I'm giving you some for those excellent mountains!

    Gamer Printshop - We print RPG Maps for Game Masters!

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