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Thread: Creeping Death

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    Very nice! Only thing I see that throws me is the travel routes. The one in the NE, it's hard to tell if it goes through valleys or not, but if it does, thats fine.

    The one over on the NW side have the path going over a ridgeline....Not sure it it's a mountain or just a hill, but something to think about. People almost always take the easier route instead of the shortest, of course, the technology or magic level may make this a moot point.)
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    I like the rivers better now. The bump mapping in them didn't work because of how narrow they are.

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    This looks awesome

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ascension View Post
    The phorce is strong with the Steel one. Exactly spot on except I added a little bit of white overlay to the wood pattern (which I think I found on some country/western "Rolling Stone"-equivalent music page while looking for pics of the goddess Shania...even tho I hate country/western she can come live with me now that she's single again). I wanted it to look like a sign that someone had carved with a knife and then gotten slightly a warning sign someone might see when entering a plagued city. I might go back and make the shape fit the boards better though, it looks kinda rough. Oh and the bevel has a texture that is the same as the pattern.
    Man! She feels like a women! Sorry..I couldn't help myself!

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