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    Quote Originally Posted by John Anderson View Post
    Simply gorgeous! I can only aspire to producing maps like that.
    Don't sell yourself short, just keep working at it. Once you find yourself a 'style' your comfortable with, you'll be producing maps to be proud of.
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    Ha, I think my favourites are "Contusion," "Chickenscratch," and "Shank."

    Very creative!


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    Nice. Very nice. The elevations are subtle at first, but once fully loaded, they stand out just enough to be identified without dominating things too much. My only "complaint" isn't really a complaint at all, and more a curiosity. As you stated, the labeling was starting to take over the map. What if you cut back some of the labeling for the smaller settlements and then continued with the "raised" appearance you used for the scale/compass/map name? Or would that be too much?

    Overall, though, definite thumbs up from me. Good job as usual.

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    Have definitely been thinking of doing the cities in a fashion similar to the capital city and main graphics...a quasi 3d with the light in the lower right. Sort of like brass and copper counters placed on a sheet map that generals might use for troop movements. I didn't want to go overboard so I kept em simple for now.
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