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Thread: Regional Map From Upcoming Novel Series

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    Hey everyone.

    I was just looking through some of my old files and came across the various forms the map has taken since I first began working on it years ago and thought it may be fun to show how Valcia has evolved since its humble beginnings in MS Paint.

    This first one (left-most attached pic) was done over 6 years ago back when I was a teenager. At the time, I was planning on the story to be a D&D campaign, so I was attempting to make it a world map.

    The first revision (second pic from left) still had the 'world map' style, but I had made some changes and you can start to see some key features I ended up going with in the final version. By this point, I decided to ditch the D&D campaign and try to make a story out of it.

    The third version (second from right) was the big switch from a world map to a regional map. The main reason for the big change was that although the story was large, it wasn't large enough to encapsulate a whole planet.

    And the last attached version (right most pic) was made using Fractal Mapper 8.0. But once again, I wasn't entirely pleased with it so I eventually made the final version that I shared at the start of this thread.

    That's it! It was kind of fun looking back and seeing how much everything had changed. Hope it was somewhat interesting for you too.


    - Auth
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Regional Map From Upcoming Novel Series-1.jpg   Regional Map From Upcoming Novel Series-2.jpg   Regional Map From Upcoming Novel Series-3.jpg   Regional Map From Upcoming Novel Series-4.png  

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    This is a perfect map for what I'm looking at doing. May have to commission one like it.

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    Nice. It is indeed interesting to see how the idea changed and developed over time...
    Your newest map is truly beautiful Auth, I love the way you've drawn mountains on it. Thanks for bumping it up macarser, otherwise I probably wouldn't have found it.

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