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Thread: Argontath - Northern Hemisphere (Hand Drawn)

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    Thanks Roba!

    I looked over the Hugin tutorial and love the fact you can use anchor points and rotate the picture to scale to get it to fit perfectly! I have a camera, but no tripod... I can give it a go by hand and see how it turns outs. =)

    Thanks for the link! This will help immensely!

    ~Valtharius the Mad

    Quote Originally Posted by RobA View Post
    Very nice!

    If you have a tripod and a camera, I'd suggest taking a bunch of overlapping shots then using hugin to stitch them

    (The link is for flat scans, but you can do the same thing with camera images, as hugin will correct the barrel distortion for youo knowing the exif data).

    -Rob A>
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    Argontath Map Finished Thread

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    Very, very nice. It must have taken you a lot of work.

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