I really enjoy this map Pank, although I would change a few things. First, all of the bright or dark colors like the solid border and the outlines of the countries would look better if you faded them out a bit. Reducing the opacity to about 50% can achieve startling results. The map has a really old feel to it, and something that old is going to look weathered.

The background is also a bit too in-your-face. It's effective and interesting, but too bold. It would probably also benefit from some opacity reduction, or perhaps even more-sophisticated methods. I like the forests and the mountains are just great.

Lastly, I think your sea/ocean names could use a less "perfect" font, one that is more hand-written. Maybe your own writing would work, but if not, there are plenty of good ones out there.

All in all, a superb map in composition, with no objections at all to the hard parts. A little polish and you'd be looking at a masterpiece. Well worthy of my measly two rep points