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Thread: Tirantia WIP

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    It occurs to me that with all the comments I've been getting, some of you may want to know how I achieved the look

    I don't remember all the tweaks i made to get it to look just like this, there were a lot of layers set up with interesting lighting modes and low opacity overtop of the finished map.

    Probably the two things that really make it pop are the parchment texture I have overlayed over the whole thing (multiply, at about 15% opacity i think) which brings the colours into the same feel, and the halftone gradient -merged visible to get a solid layer, halftone that with.. dot size of 5 (i think) and default contrast. Overlay that and play with the transparency till it looks like faded printer ink

    I recall there were a few other things I did to tweak things up, if anyone is really interested I can give a look in the file and try to recreate the process.

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    Why not? Compile it into a tutorial and post it in the proper thread, you may just win yourself a nice, shiny new 'badge'!
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