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Thread: Othman - WIP

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    Yeah, the whole island cluster looked more natural in the original, but I wasn't happy with the shapes of the big islands. Now I'm happy with the shapes, but they don't look as natural. Buuut, I started wondering if I should flip the islands, so that Seria is in the south, and suddenly, I got a great idea

    Termya rises up the further south it goes, so that the entire southern end of the island is a cliff. Seria, which I intend to have more vegetation than Termya, is lower with a ridge (not really a mountain) running along the center of the island. If I rotate Seria 180 degrees, and move it south of Termya, then it starts to make more sense. If the southern end of Termya fell off in a landslide, then Seria is the result. If the smaller islands are moved to the north, then they can have that low beachy quality, like the northern end of Termya, they way I want.

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    ooh, sounds like you're on to something good!
    *waits impatiently*

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    Sound thinking, I like it. Keep on keepin on.
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    Maybe it's just me, but the fact that you can faintly see the radiating lines of the compass rose under the landmass textures kinda looks out of place.

    But I love the textures you've used and the nifty special efx like the waterfalls. Keep up the good work!

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