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Thread: Ankh Bathor - Regional map

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    Maybe it might be worth getting your hands on a small paintbrush, some different paints, and hand-painting something like some of your elements and scanning them in, if you have access to a scanner? For example, maybe you should hand-paint a couple hill shadows. The shading on your hills already looks almost hand-painted, so it'd probably be a good place to start.

    Then, rather than replacing all of the lovely symbols you have, you might be able to layer the painting objects over a couple of the originals and try to blend it in a little to make it look like it was painted, without actually painting it. You wouldn't even need to do it very much, I think; just a few places to generate the illusion.

    Someone who's actually worked with traditional media could probably help more, but I'm thinking probably something like watercolour paints on a really absorbent paper or something.

    Even without that, though, I think the map so far is utterly amazing and already has a wonderful hand-painted feel to it. If you wanted to accentuate it, that might be a good way, but you don't really need to accentuate it if you don't want to.

    Also, a moment of nitpickiness: it looks like in graying out the other countries, you missed a sliver along the Northern edge of the map. Just figured I'd let you know, in case you hadn't noticed, yet.
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    Map is done, so head over to the finished map section if you like to have a look. Thanks to everyone for giving me the inspiration to do this :-)

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