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Thread: Uncivilized Coastal Map

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    Eek, I hate to say it, but I think you have a lighting problem with the hills (which look a lot better btw). You've got different sets of hills casting shadows in different directions. Also I don't know why, but it looks (to me) that the hills on the top left and bottom right are concave rather than convex - it could just be me.


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    It's just you.

    I think I see what you are referring to. The edge of the hill appears to dip from the road and go down. Hard to notice at first, but now that you pointed them out...
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    I'm thinkin that's from when I flipped one of the copied layers and started reusing it... note to self... don't do that!!!

    Unfortunately, I accidentally killed the psd for this particular project and though I learned much, I'm closing it and moving to another.

    I don't think I planned it out anough in the beginning and my features are out of proportion compared to what I had in mind.

    Thanks for all advice on this one though, it helped me learn a few new things.

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