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Thread: Laramis, Second Attempt

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    That overlay is CUTE! It's amazing how closely you've stuck to the original CC2 design. Kudos, and keep it up!

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    Hey, i've been watching the development, and really enjoy the changes that maps go through. I think you've made alot of progress, and I hope that you are as happy as it seems the community supporting you is.

    Overall I agree with the assessments everyone has been giving you. I actually like the overall texturinzation of your first map over the later maps. It seems to bring out the vibrant colors a bit more. As for the mountains, I think the best advice I could give would be to chuck em out and restart. Not because that they are 'unretrievable', but you've been getting so much advice and tinkering, I think a fresh start might help you get over that hurdle of incorporating everyones ideas. As for their look, the mountains look more like a moonscape pockmarked look, than terrestrial mountains.

    Just a few ideas. Nice work though.

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    Thanks for the pointers Davros!

    I've put a few minor tweaks on the map and I'm ready to put it aside pending final labels from Greg. I used Ascension's gold style #76 (I believe) for the frame trim, some fancy lines in the background and a bit of pop on the forests.

    Again, thanks everyone for your suggestions. Your input made this a much better map.

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    Laramis, Second Attempt-laramis2.jpg

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    That's a luscious frame...simple and elegant. I gotta get you to make me some frames
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    The whole thing really evokes feelings from me. Part of me would like to explore the place, but then I see the orc hills and it reminds me that this could be a very dangerous place to be The marsh area does have an unsettling feel to it.. and the towns are Great!

    Nicely handled, Sir.

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