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Thread: Story World Map

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    My tut always produces something dark because my monitor is so bright...maybe I should rewrite it with lighter color codes for those with normal monitors who see things darker than I do. This looks pretty good so I'd say that you've done a good job with it. If you want it lighter, then put a layer of white on the very top, set the blend to soft light, and turn the opacity down to something that you like.
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    Maybe you should calibrate your monitor!

    But seriously, having too bright a monitor can contribute to eye-strain and headaches.

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    Comes from to much gaming. You crank the grammar up and the brightness so you can see in all the dark places. I have not played any games for 2 years and I still have (had) my monitor cranked like that oh well things you forget to change.

    I could see that all my islands down south were way to dark. I tweaked the colours added some extra layers for colour correction and I think it looks better. Thanks for the advice Acension with the white layer on soft light really helped brighten things up. Started to add some names and working out major routes and towns now. The land is a little to square for my liking but I'm hoping to fix that with my adjacent continents.

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