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Thread: In need of criticism

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    I agree the first map is quite beautiful. I am fairly certain the grey lines are political borders, yes?
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    Correcto mundo NeonKnight, the lines are borders of the regions of the kingdom.

    The final goal of the maps is to make a whole world. Everything is planned already, I just need to finish the rest of the maps. Each map would represent a continent and later all would be put on a large scale image to complete the world.

    It's naturally a fantasy setting I've been using in D&D campaigns. There are two more maps, one I forgot to put up here and the other is not yet complete. Well, actually, none of them are complete, they are missing many things. I have yet to add rivers, names for everything and so on. Currently I'm working on putting the first map into a much higher resolution of 300 rather than the 72 it was made in.

    Yeah, I agree that the rose doesn't match the rest of the feel. I'll have to make a new, more fitting one.

    Also, the mountains and trees come from a brush and were added because I needed a working map quickly and it was the fastest way to do it. One day I'll maybe make my own trees, mountains and other doodads.
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