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    I just pick an olive green, light or dark, airbrush it on a new layer, and turn the opacity down until the underneath shows through. Sometimes I'll use a blend mode of hue or color but nothing real special. Just experiment with colors and blends and opacities. Hard to explain really.
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    Awesome once more i see, i liked both versions , love the way the contrast colors on the coast make the map POP out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ascension View Post
    Inspired by Ramah's icons I thought I'd do a few of my own for this map, nothing special just quick's a screenie. I'm thinking I might redo all of my cities and towns this way...might be too much, I dunno. Basically I start with a 400 x 400 page and draw it up, turn it into a brush, then shrink it down when painting them in.
    I have been looking for icons like those (pyramid in particular). Any chance you would share these? Are they already around here somewhere (looks under couch cushions....)


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    I have a question, btw your maps are beyond awesome, they make me *sigh* and think how much I suck... but back to my question ......

    You started out with more of a google-ish photo looking map, but then you shifted to a more artsy looking.... did you have to completely re-skin the map, or is there a magic combination of settings to transform from google-ish to artsy?

    I still have no idea how to make cool looking ground, so I use a pattern CoyoteMax shared, but its a bit too Google-ish... what do I do?
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