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Thread: The Darklands

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    The names themselves, but seeing as they're not yours it's irrelevant. The map looks REALLY good, which is all that matters

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    I think maybe he was referring to the font, not the names (edit: i posted this one second after he replied so please ignore). The font looks great but it has a certain amount of fluffiness that makes it look a bit off for some reason. Great map man, repped.

    P.S.: Really liking your new avatar.

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    Glad you changed the size of the trees. This works out perfectly!
    Font looks pretty good as well I think...
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    Very minor but my eyes are drawn to the redness of the trees. I know you're going for the inked in blood thing but blood doesn't stay red forever, it dries a dark reddish brown. I think you could use a bit more brown in the outer glow there. Like I said, minor, shrug.
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    No, you're right. It's the same colour I'm using for the mountains, so I didn't think much past that, but the thicker lines of the mountains keeps it the deeper colour on that layer. The trees are a little more transparent, so the red is showing more. It will be adjusted for the final version, thanks!
    I just set the opacity from 75% back to 100% and it does look better. Incidentally, the base colour I'm using for everything is 530200 set to multiply. I'm not actually using any layer styles on the inked layers btw. What I did was copy each layer, then ran a Jiggle filter across (I could screenshot the settings if anyone really wants it) and followed by a gaussian blur at 1.0. That layer goes overtop of the original layer, also set to multiply. Looks like if I set the original layer to 75% opacity, it keeps some of the reddish, at 100% it's completely dried, as it were

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