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Thread: How to make the smart little trees and mountains?

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    I don't have a tablet, I have to draw with a mouse. :[ I'm actually very good though!

    But personally, I use brushes I find on deviantArt. There are a few pretty decent ones for trees and mountains. Search "map" under Photoshop Brushes, is what I did.

    I probably would've come here for the brushes, but I didn't know this place existed back then!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SubLordHawk View Post
    I only got Gimp yesterday and I'm rather pleased with it but because of that I have no idea how I set it up to do that, would you or anohter be so kind enough as to explain quickly? Cheers
    Basically, every time you select something in GIMP, it makes that selection a brush on your brush pallete. You can see it in the upper left corner of the brushes. You can save a selection as a brush as well, so that you always have it.

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