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Thread: First Map: Ascension(ish) Style!

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    That you did Coyotemax. Anyway, I worked on the map some more trying to fit in some road and river names, but even after switching to a more compact and legible font I kept running into one of two problems. Either the names were simply too big, or, if I reduced them in size, they became pixelated and illegible, especially after I had transferred them to a path to fit along a diagonal stretch of river or road. Now, I'm sure there's got to be a way to remedy this, and given more time, I might have kept at it. But school is starting soon, and all of my free time is about to evaporate. Thus, I'm going to forgo this last step and call this hand. I'll be posting "Eriond" in the finished maps section soon, but let me just take this opportunity to thank everyone who replied to my post. Your feedback and advice on troubleshooting have really helped this beginner to polish his map. Hope you guys will take the time to check out my forthcoming finished map post.

    By the way, here is the link to the completed map:


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