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Thread: Map of an alternate South America

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    1) stroke around country names changed to darker paper like color
    2) added multiply to ocean and country color layers
    3) stronger blue color for platinea
    4) all text is now bended
    5) did some cutting the edges (pun intended )
    6) new cartouche (looks ten times better imho, but collides with the "south atlantic ocean" text)

    *) fixed the longitude and latitude lines, now they are below the text layers and have a lower opacity

    Nothing completely new added as I'm short of time atm.

    new problems are:
    - "Caribbean Sea" is almost not recognizeable
    - the map look has become much darker and in my eyes dirtier
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    This is no longer a map but a work of art. I hope you post it in the finished forum when you're done. My only suggestion is to look again at the big country names, to me the heavy black makes it look out of keeping with the rest of the map...maybe worth a try setting the layerstyle for the lettering to overlay or similar or lowering the opacity a bit or distressing the letters a little.

    beautiful work.

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