I didn't create the layout of the star system. Once again, it's lifted from Independence War 2, and I don't think they did their research very well, as I think I mentioned earlier.

According to the game, Firefrost II and III are actually in a conventional orbit around Firefrost I, along with Nori. That seemed absurd to me, so I went ahead and put them into a binary orbit with one another. There's going to be a job to do figuring out how far they should be from one another to a) share an orbit b) have their own orbiting bodies and c) not interfere too much with the other planets in the system. One of the planets around FF III, for instance, actually crosses Njord's orbit.

Given the vast distances involved and the relatively high activity of the stellar region, though, I postulate that this may not be a stable configuration. There was a recent supernova in the vicinity, so many of these objects may be captured bodies that were ejected from other nearby solar systems. It is very likely that they simply haven't had the time to collide with one another or be pulled out of their current paths. Give it a few thousand years, and this system may look entirely different.

I've already separated the inhabited bodies into a different layer, and I'll just treat the gas giants individually. I haven't decided yet whether to do that simply with color or to modify the silhouette. Easiest would be to indicate them with rings or size, but not all of them actually have rings (well, none of them do the way they're statted right now, but that could change), and the chart might be a little too crowded to increase their size significantly. I'll likely give it a try and see what I think, though.

Thanks for the feedback; it's helpful!