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Thread: More planet goodness

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    Tried that. machine went 100%cpu and it reported a framerate of 0.017 FPS before I managed to close it.

    I'm running a Turion64x2 with 2GB ram.

    -Rob A>

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    Rob Rob Rob... you need to fix up that graphics chip cos this is excellent !

    I have a movie of several cut scenes done on it. I was trudging though my email and looking at todays CG threads and hit this one and productivity fell off a cliff. You can loose half an hour of your life playing with this. Its great.

    Usual xvid codec issues apply - i.e. use vlc to view if you have to. Obviously at 20 or so frames per sec its a bit faster and smoother than the 2 or 3 that cam studio captures at.

    By the fact that your CPU went to 100% and 0.1fps you are using the software renderer. I dont know if this is OpenGL or DirectX but its your graphics card driver thats not functioning right. You may have a 2D only chip like onboard video or something like that which would be a shame. If you think it should go faster then mail me.

    Rep heading over to GM for this.

    Edit -- Ah its OpenGL which is what I use a lot too. Theres also some other goodies on his page. One is a volumetric renderer for clouds which are the best clouds I have ever seen and also a terrain and erosion simulator so this is all jolly interesting really. If your stopping by Monks - how do these compare with TG2's clouds ?

    Edit2 - GM I just read your post too. There is supposed to be a screen capture by pressing the 'C' key. Also I would imagine that the usual "print screen" button would work too.
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    Oh it's that man again Dmytry- yep seen his work. He did some work for Pandromeda (MojoWorld)- I don't think he's attached to them (anymore?) though. Planetside were trying to head-hunt him but he's an independent...maybe for obvious reasons.


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