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Thread: Freebooter/Freighter Deck Plan WIP

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    Yep, the traveller rules of tonnage to squares was a bit of a headache. Once the basic floorplans had been worked out it was fairly straightforward, but divvying up everything into grid pieces certainly doesn't make for aesthetically pleasing maps at the end of the day. This, on the other hand, looks lovely.
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    I've modified the Middle Deck (I moved the Common Room to the Upper Deck).
    Freebooter/Freighter Deck Plan WIP-aeschylus-middledeck.jpg

    Here's the Upper Deck.
    Freebooter/Freighter Deck Plan WIP-aeschylus-upperdeck.jpg

    And the Command Deck on the very top.
    Freebooter/Freighter Deck Plan WIP-aeschylus-commanddeck.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigurd View Post
    I always thought in the weightlessness of space, real freighters would be like container ships of the ocean. Bolt on discrete cargo modules into a vaguely contained shape and then go - perhaps under some sort of streamlining\protective field.

    The containers would be checked for hazards but not too carefully monitored. This would allow faster trade with fewer liabilities for the freighter. The cargo would be treated well but jettisoned if it would save the freighter. Life support and expensive enviro services would be minimal or nonexistent for the cheaper cargo.

    Real freighters wouldn't enter atmosphere but do their business at space stations. I imagine the three ship regions Crew (At the Front) Cargo (Middle) and Main Engine (Back) would be separable in an emergency. The compliment would ideally be small enough to fit in the Crew area but ... things happen. If the command corridor was ridged enough it could be secured by balanced tension along the outer hull across the cargo pods.

    Troop and People transports would be very similar but have a more elaborate center section for people complete with its own life support and active radiation shield(s).

    I designed something like this quite a while ago.

    I'll dig out some maps, but the time being here's an action shot

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