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Thread: The Santer Class (Maraxxian Emp.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaspertjie View Post
    What's wrong with it?
    Gamerprinter pretty much summed it up.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gamerprinter View Post
    ...the Pinnochio nose on that ship is quite odd. Except for some unknown technological reason that you put it there, I don't see a purpose for that long nose, though you might have some obvious reason to use that. It just looks odd.
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    Hangon -

    Is the long protruding shape on the right (in the second image, eg) the front or the rear of the ship? It looks to me, based on the first shot (bridge) and the last shot (impulse vents?) that this is actually the rear of the ship.

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    Indeed it is, and I have some new photographs with some armory on it (tomorrow).

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