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Thread: WIP - I'll finish it this time, seriously.

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    Looks like a video game world like in that old movie, Tron! I like it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaspertjie View Post
    I'm always so curious what you people use to make these maps...
    I helped TMG out with the mountains, so I can talk a bit about that.

    Basically, I wrote a program that reads image data as a height field, samples the pixels at a specified x- and y-frequency to make the vertices of a wireframe mesh, and outputs a 3D projection of the mesh as viewed from a given camera elevation. It can also fake the 3D effect by just perturbing vertices in the y-direction by an amount proportional to the value of the height field -- this way you don't get any vertical squashing of the image, so you can composite it with the original height field to simulate shading.

    Attached are an example height field, a fake 3D projection with shading, and a real 3D projection.

    For the mountains on TMG's map, he created a height field in the shape of the mountain ranges he wanted, and I did the fake projection and shading (as in Image 2 below), but only drew the horizontal lines.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails WIP - I'll finish it this time, seriously.-hf.png   WIP - I'll finish it this time, seriously.-hf_grid.png   WIP - I'll finish it this time, seriously.-hf_mountains.png  
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    I really like the look of this so far; any more updates?

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