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Thread: Small Buried Temple needed - someone help me?

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    Help Small Buried Temple needed - someone help me?

    I need a map (usable with MapTool) for an introductory adventure for my campaign. It's a small temple, thousands of years old and totally overgrown with jungle vegetation.

    I'll write some of its background so that a potential mapmaker could get a bit of the overall feeling I have in mind for this. First of all, we play D&D 3.5 in the Forgotten Realms.

    Thousands of years ago, a small coven of priestesses (about 5 or 6) worshipped Ashtir, a local goddess of healing and lifeforce. But the pantheons changed and Ashtir lost her power. The priestesses closed the temple and lived there until they died. Each of them got a small sidechamber for her burial. Well, maybe they used the rooms they had for this. The last to die, the former high-priestess, died in front of the altar.
    Over the course of the centuries the temple was overgrown with vegetation from the nearby jungle.
    Nevertheless it got raided by temple-raiders a few times, but each time they were repelled and sometimes killed - by the ghosts of the priestesses, converted to banshee-like creatures guarding their former temple.

    The PCs follow some would-be robbers and stumble (after them) over or better into the temple because the robbers fell through a kind of hill. This hill is composed mainly of shrubs and the like and it spans over a part of the temple. The robbers decide to explore and maybe rob the unknown structure - the PCs follow to have a fight in the altar-room.

    I want the temple to radiate a feeling of old, I'd like to have some of the vegetation visible in the corridors and rooms. It shouldn't be shiny, more dirty and ruined. I'd like the altar-room accessible only from one entrance. In the back of the altar-room should be something like an inner sanctum where the priestesses kept their ritual gear.

    I want the players to be able to explore the temple in one session, so there shouldn't be more than app. 6-8 rooms.

    Who would like to take care of my problem because I totally SUCK with anything related to creative (sans descriptions, maybe). ?!?
    I don't NEED this map fast, I won't start the campaign this year, but I'd LIKE to get it in the next few weeks

    The mapmaker would have the copyright of the map, I'd just use it in my campaign privately.

    I like the style of this map:
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