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Thread: Hex tiles illustration and GIMP

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    Question Hex tiles illustration and GIMP

    Hello there,

    I would like to make a hex board game mao for which i need to make some illustrations, using GIMP. The illustrations in questions should constitute a landscape in areal view. I do not want to have "photographic" effect, but rather an "illustration" effect. I already made some trials using textures and applying them on the surface to illustrate, and then running some "Gimpressionist" or "olify" effect. But the result was too rough.

    What i would like to obtain in the end is something closest to this: but strictly from above and not from an inclined perspective as here.

    To create hex tiles is not a problem, to apply nice textures to render a landscape is what i am struggling with. What is the best approach to make such areal view landscape illustration using GIMP? Are there resources like brushes i can use?


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    Hi! Thanks for taking up my suggestion to sign up here.

    Take a look at the tutorial link in my sig and see if that style is what you would like (to start).

    -Rob A>

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    Hi, and welcome to the guild!

    Some of the things I have been working on in my Overworld Map Project look somewhat like that but I still don't know how to pull it of in GIMP... but If you are familiar with GIMP you might be able to look at what I have been doing in Photoshop and find a way to transfer the method to GIMP.

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