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    Default Mountains of Galmor

    So I was asked by Jaxilion about the mountains of a quick map I did called Galmor Found Here, and so the result is of course this simple tutorial. So hopefully I can get it right again.

    Ok so this is very simple. after you've created your oceans, and land you can place these mountains. I had 3 layers in all. (image #4)

    1. First off download the texture, and put it as a pattern, we are going to use it in two different ways.

    2. Create 2 layers, the top layer will be your main Mountains (sponge in my images), the one under it will be rougher ridge lines and to give more depth to the mountains(this layer will come later), and the last layer is your "transition" and base outline and structure of your mountains. If any of you have followed Pasis's Tutorial, how he does his Low mountains layer is virtually identical to what is done here.

    3. On the top main layer, double click and bring up the layer style, and add a Bevel (as shown in Image #1) and then do a fill of the texture found here, and then add a layer mask and make the layer mask black, to hide everything. Then on the lower or base layer use an outer glow (i set opacity to 100%) and have the color be the same as your terrain. Then apply a layer style (Image #2).

    4. alright so now the fun part grab your Pattern Stamp Tool, and at the top you want a large (or small depending on the size of map) fuzzy brush with 40% opacity and 50% fill and select the pattern to be the texture found here. Then on your Base layer start coloring in where you want your mountains, going over higher areas twice.

    5. Once you've got your base mountains down, select your main mountains layer, and on the fill (not layer mask) go to filter -> artistic -> Sponge, with settings of Brush size 2, Definition 12, and smoothness 5. Then select your layer mask and begin to draw with a medium size 50/50 fuzzy and hard brush with 50% opacity and 50% fill ( I kept on going back and forth wit 100% and 50% fill) and go over the areas you colored on your base area, and again go over areas you want higher, or want more definition a few times. Once happy time to make the last layer.

    6. Duplicate the Main mountain layer, and select the layer mask (not the thumbnail image) and go to Filter-> stylize-> Glowing edges, with the settings of Edge width 2, Edge Brightness 6, and Smoothness 5. This should thicken up the edges of the mountains and create some cliff/ridge lines, move the layer between your base and main mountain layer and start erasing until happy, most of my ridge lines were erased, but you'll notice a few still there.

    In general that should do it! Hope it helps someone.
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