Hi, I'm new to the whole mapmaking thing and all, but I've made my first map by relgiously following this tutorial: http://www.cartographersguild.com/sh...n-–-a-tutorial

Now the map is finished and is looking pretty good for a newbie map- I want to add details and such but I have no idea how. I only just got photoshop, and I've been reading tutorials like crazy, but there are things I'd like help with...

1. National Borders- I want to make subtle, coloured national borders. There were great ones in this tutorial called 'Atlas Style' by Ascension but since I'd already followed Tear's tutorial to a tee I couldn't figure out how to work them in (not everybody is blessed with high IQ :S), since all the layers have different names and such. Can anybody help me with this?

2. Compasses- I've tried just copy pasting from google and stuff, then removing the white, but unsuprisingly this looks pretty lame, any pointers here?

3. Lines of Longitude and Latitude- I have no idea how to go about adding these.

4. Measurement- How would I go about adding a measurement bar? I did find one tutorial but it wasn't compatable with my version of photoshop.

5. Using Text- I've searched all over the place for good tutorials on text. My useage of text in photoshop is still pretty basic, can anybody link me up with a good tutorial?

Thanks for anybody who answers, I know I seem like a helpless noob, but that's because I am. If it helps at all, I have Photoshop CS7.

Below is my map so far.