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Thread: Public RobA and CL Appreciation Thread!

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    Praise Public RobA and CL Appreciation Thread!

    I want to publicly thank RobA for single handedly fixing our attachment problem. Our host stepped in and told us we were not allowed to have more than 1024 files in a single folder, and lo and behold a lot of our more prolific posters had way more than that many attachments. Without forcing a bunch of our content to be deleted with no explanation, RobA found a nice workaround that separates the thumbnails from the attachments, thus cutting the numbers back quite a bit and buying us enough time to come up with a nice easy way to better archive files out of the attachment system over time without pruning and losing valuable historical imagery. RobA has been a HUGE help to me stepping in and handling admin duties during the rougher period of my divorce and then recently re-marriage, and I'm pretty sure that if RobA hadn't been here to keep things running in my stead, I would have probably closed the doors or something.

    So everyone give a nice round of applause to RobA who's done SOOO much for this site, whether he feels like he has or not.

    And of course, I don't want to leave out my wonderful community leaders and industry professionals that make this place a constant valuable source for all things cartography. You guys are just as much a part of making this thing run as I am, and without you guys and the wonderful guild members that hang out here, we'd not be as useful a site as we are.

    I thank you all so much for being here! It means so much.
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    *Applause* for RobA! Didn't realise so much was involved in all this... just some technical speak that gets filtered out in the general white noise that bombards my brain from day to day. Anyhoos, cheers for all the work and I'd like to say that I really do appreciate the efforts of all the people involved with running this site.

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    Thanks RobA - you're our base map layer! That from which all others multiply. The irreplaceable texture that puts everything right.

    For this, and everything you've done that I have never noticed - because you've done it so damn well. Thanks.

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    I have said it before and I will say it again... you and the other CL make all of this possible! There is something wonderful here in this Guild and it all starts with you. I have been malingering around here for several years now and have seen you help many new and old mapmakers with their work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rpgmapmaker View Post
    I have said it before and I will say it again... you and the other CL make all of this possible! There is something wonderful here in this Guild and it all starts with you. I have been malingering around here for several years now and have seen you help many new and old mapmakers with their work.

    I think rpgmapmaker summed it very well, and bravo on the work, and the continual advice from everyone!
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    I'm impressed by the speed of the fix. Really excellent work on getting this up and running again (goes off to find an appropriate post by RobA to give him some rep....)

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    Aye, cheers for the fixers!! It also seems the site is a lot faster now, but that me be just me ...
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    This is certainly a well deserved round of thanks. I can only imagine the nightmare you have to be going through when things go out of whack on the site. As a more or less retired developer I know what it's like when someone walks into your office with that look on their face. You know the one they wear just before they go all "chicken little" on you? If you aren't careful their panic attack can get into your skin and then you start to freak out a little yourself. Then there are all those users (like us) who are like baby birds squalling for their meal and you don't have worm to throw them. Well, t can become overwhelming. Furthermore, I don't think you guys are getting paid anything other than REP and even if you are, it's probably not enough for all those gray hairs you just got, LOL.

    Anyway, thanks again to all of you and thanks especially to RobA for being the one who saved the day this time. I have to say how glad I am to have joined this community and to experience the good will that comes from all the helpful folks around here. I had no idea it was going to be this much fun when I signed up.
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    I know what a nightmare something like this can be, expecially when you have the host breathing down your neck

    *applause* and many fine thanks, to all the CL's and contributors, but especially to Arcana, without whom this place would not exist (is that correct use of whom? i can never remember) and RobA, our short duration personal saviour!

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