I want to publicly thank RobA for single handedly fixing our attachment problem. Our host stepped in and told us we were not allowed to have more than 1024 files in a single folder, and lo and behold a lot of our more prolific posters had way more than that many attachments. Without forcing a bunch of our content to be deleted with no explanation, RobA found a nice workaround that separates the thumbnails from the attachments, thus cutting the numbers back quite a bit and buying us enough time to come up with a nice easy way to better archive files out of the attachment system over time without pruning and losing valuable historical imagery. RobA has been a HUGE help to me stepping in and handling admin duties during the rougher period of my divorce and then recently re-marriage, and I'm pretty sure that if RobA hadn't been here to keep things running in my stead, I would have probably closed the doors or something.

So everyone give a nice round of applause to RobA who's done SOOO much for this site, whether he feels like he has or not.

And of course, I don't want to leave out my wonderful community leaders and industry professionals that make this place a constant valuable source for all things cartography. You guys are just as much a part of making this thing run as I am, and without you guys and the wonderful guild members that hang out here, we'd not be as useful a site as we are.

I thank you all so much for being here! It means so much.