So I'm sitting here at 11:14pm in my home office, a room with my desk, PC, bookcases, sword against the wall, Lion Rampart banner hanging in the corner, all that jazz - everyone else has gone to bed including the dog and cats. It's been getting warmer here so I have my ceiling fan on and it feels just right to do a little sketching in my's so peaceful and quiet. I just love this time of night, no interruptions for hours. I pop open my book, pencil in hand and begin working under the light of a little Halogen lamp and the glow of my computer screen. The rest of the house is dark behind me. I am working on an idea for a 1,000 year old abandoned temple beneath the jungle. Currently fleshing out the alter room and figuring out how it would be laid out I am setting up a couple secret entrances to the chamber from the bedroom areas. I figure it would be dramatic to have ceremonially clad worshipers "mysteriously appear" in the room to begin chanting during a session. Remembering this is 1,000 years old, I am imagining how most everything has turned to dust, or will as soon as it is touched and what the air must be like in what has now become a dark forgotten tomb. In fact, in this very room I am working on lay the skeletal remains of the last to die, directly before the alter. And that's when it happened...

My blasted ceiling fan caught a paper on the desk to my right which folded upwards and made a dry rasping scrape RIGHT NEXT TO ME! Well, what would you do in a situation like that? Don't forget where I just was in my imagination either. Obviously, I did what any heroic adventurer would have done and using my ultra fast reflexes I flinched violently away from the rasping sound of the dry mummified remains while simultaneously letting out the always understood warning cry of, "aughuhhh!"

I started laughing as soon as I realized I had just been scared by a piece of paper and I just had to share this with with you all. For those of you who "climb into your art" I'm sure you will get a good laugh. For those of you who don't well...I'm sorry your imagination isn't more powerful. That will teach me to map out a scary place in the middle of the night. LOL.

Regards everyone and watch out for that Paper Monster in the night.