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Thread: First post here, Sector Maps and ship layouts

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    Default First post here, Sector Maps and ship layouts

    First off, just have to say how inspired I am by the work here, lots of talent and imagination on display.

    I wanted to show some things from an ongoing project I have been working on for a hard sci-fi setting in the early 25th century. Eventually I hope a game designer takes an interest in the setting and adapts it for an RPG, but its more for my personal enjoyment.

    Here are two sector maps giving some background on different regions of space, eventually there will be about six;

    My real passion is vehicle design, and I have a lot of capital ships and fighters completed for the different factions, eventually I hope to go back and do interior layouts like this one;

    And not necessarily maps, but as I see a lot of fighters on these forums, here are a couple of mine:

    Well, there you go. Hope you like!
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    Hey, welcome to the guild.

    Those are very nice ships there, the sectors as well. I like how you have a story on each one, that's a lot of good detail. They already sound like they are in a living world. It will be nice to see more.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    This all looks pretty freaking cool. I really like the star maps. Simple but super effective and smooth-looking. I especially like how you've got all the day and night sides on the planets are correct in relation to their respective star.

    The ships are nice too.

    I'd like to know what all the world power acronyms stand for. U.S and R.U.S.S.R are fairly clear, but what are the others?

    Also, in the key, it should say "italicized", not "itlaicized"...

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    Awesome indeed.
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    Thanks to a for the replies, it's always nice to get positive feedback.

    Quote Originally Posted by Daelin View Post
    I'd like to know what all the world power acronyms stand for. U.S and R.U.S.S.R are fairly clear, but what are the others?
    CEGD: Celestial Empire of the Golden Dragon (China, and most of SE Asia)
    UOE: Unio de Okcidenta Europo, (Union of Western Europe)
    UC: United Commonwealth (UK, Canada, Australia, and NZ)
    HRE: Holy Russian Empire (Eastern part of Russia, RUSSR is the western part)
    ACPL: Asian Co-Prosperity League (Malaysia, Philippines, most of the Oceanic nations)
    IRP: Islamic Republic of Persia (Iran & Iraq)
    Byzantium: Western Turkey and the Balkans

    I think that's all of them. I am working on a map of Earth and will post it here when finished.

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    Awesome stuff dude.

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    Welcome to the guild.

    Some very nice images you have there. I know next to nothing about star/starship maps but I can tell when something looks cool. And those images fit the category so well done.
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    I believe it unanimous. Your work Rocks.
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    I love all of those air and space craft as well as the planetary colonization. The quality is awesome and all of the details are superb... plus the continuity is nice as well. Looks like you have a good future in something, that is for certain! Any maps of Earth and Luna... i'm very curious to see what things look like in more detail.
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    When I find my brain again, which seems to have fled due to my complete inability to make anything this insanely fantastic ... Seriously tho', awesome stuff. I've been considering vehicle design as another step in my own world-building (interior maps of vehicles are still maps, right? ^.^ ). I'll have to save these for future reference, although it'll probably be quite awhile before I produce anything 1/2 as good. I'll be looking out for the rest of those solar maps as well - excellent work all around.
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