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    Default First post here, Sector Maps and ship layouts

    First off, just have to say how inspired I am by the work here, lots of talent and imagination on display.

    I wanted to show some things from an ongoing project I have been working on for a hard sci-fi setting in the early 25th century. Eventually I hope a game designer takes an interest in the setting and adapts it for an RPG, but its more for my personal enjoyment.

    Here are two sector maps giving some background on different regions of space, eventually there will be about six;

    My real passion is vehicle design, and I have a lot of capital ships and fighters completed for the different factions, eventually I hope to go back and do interior layouts like this one;

    And not necessarily maps, but as I see a lot of fighters on these forums, here are a couple of mine:

    Well, there you go. Hope you like!
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