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Thread: Publisher Needing Traveller Ship Maps

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    Default Publisher Needing Traveller Ship Maps

    I'm not sure if this is allowed or not so I thought I'd post here first for advice. I'm a publisher looking to hire some folks to create Traveller ship maps for me. Is it OK to post asking for interested parties. If so what would the appropriate forum be? Thanks.

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    Hey, Crossmlk! Glad you made it over here. Look in the Mapping Resources forum near the bottom of the index page - you'll see a Mapmaking Requests board. Be sure to read the "Read Me" thread which would include all necessities to posting a request. Then start a thread there. Make sure you preface your thread title with (paid). Also if you want to receive Private Messages, you'll need to make at least five posts elsewhere on the forum (sort of a built-in SPAM protection requirement.)

    I hope you check the forums and do some exploring - again, welcome to the Guild!

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    And we just has a guy sign up who makes pretty killer looking ships. Follow GP's guidance and you should be all set.

    Welcome to the guild.
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    crossmilk, you should also sign up for our publishers group. Instructions can be found here:
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