Hello all. I want to make a world map of a planet similar in size to Earth. I've read some tutorials here (which were very helpful) and I think I have the basics down on how to actually make a map. Fiddling around with a map the size of 4000x2000 however, I found out there weren't enough pixels for me to add any detail to it.

Since it seems 1 mile=1 px is the standard around here, I'm wondering if I can create a map of something like 20,000x10,000 px (or perhaps even 40,000x20,000, though that is perhaps not necessary) without my computer starting to lag. I tried it briefly just zooming and drawing a little, and it worked very well. Will that stay true once I add tons of layers and other things to the map as well?. It's at this point only for my own reference and understanding and will be in black&white, if that makes any difference.

Very cool forum though, I never thought there would be a community dedicated to precisely what I was looking for when I started searching for tips on how to make fantasy maps. This was more than I had hoped for