Hello, all. So, I'm John, and I'm addicted to cartography.

I normally use Dundjinni and a little post-work in Photoshop. I tried Campaign Cartographer, but I just couldn't get my maps to look like the works of art I saw on the Profantasy website (or here, for that matter), so I quit trying. I'm an old-school RPGer (having nursed on the original red box), but I currently GM Savage Worlds, D&D 4E, Traveller, and the occasional off game (such as Mutants & Masterminds).

My group has recently begun using an VT, and I came here seeking battle maps I could pilfer for my own use, but I also plan to make some contributions (though nothing as spectacular as what I have seen thus far).

Some of the work I've seen on here is truly awe-inspiring!