Ok so this might seem like an odd request coming from me but I have been asked about obtaining some dice and a chat app. I could provide, only there are some more restrictions... On the social net sites like MySpace and Facebook they don't allow very much. So no cgi, javascript, PHP etc in fact the only thing they seem to allow is flash and I don't do flash. There are some flash apps out there to do chat and a few of them seem to work on the sites so maybe that's covered but I have been asked for and I don't know of any flash apps which is real small widget that you can embed and when you roll it either puts the result into the chat or shows its own list of previous rolls to everyone interested in those rolls. So its like a minimal no map VTT with only chat and dice but it must be under flash and embeddable onto a MySpace page. Anyone know of some links to anything like that ?

My suggestion was to roll the dice using a different tab on a different page to a site which runs a dice javascript type deal which generates an image of the last 10 dice rolls and you embed that image on the MySpace page and refresh it to see the rolls but that's not ideal cos of the separate tab to roll and the required refresh to see the rolls.

On a side note, would it be useful to have a cgi script here to generate dice rolls like invisible castle does ? Invis castle does a great job whilst its up but its not always so for me.

On another side note, is it possible to program a flash app without macromedia now ?