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Thread: Atreysa Maps

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    Default Atreysa Maps

    Been working on these maps for a while, and have reached a point where I need some critique/suggestions ^.^ Bit of background on the map and the labeling: this world is a bit toss-pile in that although I know where I'm going with a lot of stuff I haven't mapped it all out. I've created a political map of the center continent, Sutiherin, and an historical 'map' detailing where the nations were, how they migrated, &c. but the other continents are languishing in terms of that level of detail at the moment. The labels on the world map are in a language I created called Trajan, and pronunciation is a little funny. Ey = ei-yuh, ou = oh-uh, o = ah-oh, gh is from Gaelic Manx (no idea how to explain the pronunciation), and ch = (Bach). My feelings will not be tragically horrified by anyone's pronunciation as I can't actually hear you ^.^ Anyways, any suggestions/critiques/comments are fully welcome.

    The final world map image is rather large for legibility - my apologies.

    The first image is the equirectilinear map taken into G.Projector where set up a Wagner (I think) projection for the final labeled map. The second image is of the same equirectilinear map with various overlays and color corrections applied - I don't think it would work well for a labeled map, but I'd love some feedback on it anyway. The third image is the labeled map; I'm considering adding some flora and/or fauna images to the outside border area, but I'm not sure if that would detract from the overall map. Thanks for your comments/critiques/suggestions!

    - Alizarine

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    Hard to comment I think. I like your first map because it's nice and bright and big and it looks very nice. But I like your second one because it's darker and I liker darker colour schemes with higher contrast. Sphere-ry type maps I can't really comment on. Never really played with those.

    If I were to pick one, it'd be the second though I'd change the landmass palette slightly to suit. I'd be interested to see some more local/regional maps though.

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    I like the shape of the continents
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    Great work! I can only imagine how long that has taken you. I actually like the map with the darker water the best, but they are very good. Personally, I like the layout you have now and wouldn't add any kind of border, but that's 100% up to you. Again, very nice work
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    Wow, coming a long great! haha I just posted on the thread from Pasis you asked about and I mentioned his tutorial, which you seem to be familiar with anyways ha, but you seem to be running into a huge problem I still face, and thats the whole scale idea. Assuming this is a world the size of earth, I mean don't get me wrong it looks great, but looking at the forests and mountains with the size of the continent it doesn't seem to "fit". It all depends on your style of course, but thats just my 2 cents, how to fix it, well thats easier said than done, cause I'm still trying to really figure out something that works! Anyways good luck and keep going.
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    Thanks for the comments ^.^

    @ Yandor: definitely see what you mean; I have a real problem with scale. I did find a tutorial recently on here about using PS to create a pixel:mile(/km/&c.) scale that was really helpful, but I think I might still have this stuff wrong.

    I've uploaded a zoomed in & cropped pic of the new mountain/forest size I'm working with - thought I'd get some feedback before I start on the rest of the map. I like everything else alright, but I'm open for any more suggestions. I've also uploaded a larger pic of the northern 1/2 of the central continent for comparison (this is just working with the mountains & forests and a bit of a new base-ground texture, which is why a lot of stuff is MIA).

    - Alizarine

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    So an update is long overdue for this; college is a pain -.- Anyway, I went ahead with this scale on a single continent to see how things go. I actually completely overhauled everything except the basic layout/placement of stuff and the landmass shape. No labels for now - I want to make sure I'm getting the size of stuff right. I might add a few icons for capitals/major cities/ruins/&c. tomorrow; I need to take a look at my historical timeline first (and of course decide if I like where this is going).

    - Alizarine

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Sutiherin.jpg 
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    By the way, I think it's 2 miles per pixel. If this looks totally off, please let me know - I might very well have set it up for 2 km per pixel and my brain is just leaking o.o
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    I like the textures that you have chosen for these maps. Beautifully done. Oh, and by the way, great to meet another "Brown-coat" here at the forums (Firefly lives!).


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    First off you pull this off nicely considering all the styles your working with. But I should say that this is a very unique style and I enjoy following this. I like the scale of the trees better. There might be too much contrast between the forest and the rest of the land. But I like how you blended out more of temperate or savanna climate from the forest a medium green. Do more of that. I like your controlled color scheme too. The globe looks the best. It would be cool to see some other projections too.


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    looking really good - love the "crater" in the north - your rivers feel a bit smooth, maybe some additional twist and turns to those ... looking forward to seing more
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