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    Question One Conlang for All Maps

    I recently developed a conlang primarily in order to label maps. I uploaded my labeled world map here, which is labeled in this conlang I developed (called Trajan).
    Now, a little history is in order - this world is only about 6,000 some years old (the labeled world map I uploaded is "current as of the 3T 317B or 3,317 years); the people that speak Trajan were driven from their home almost 2,500 years ago (roughly) and have taken to traveling everywhere in search of information. They record absolutely everything and store all this information in the barrows of kings, guarded by a small country that worships this dead spirits. The Trajev (the speakers of Trajan) created world maps as well as maps of all the continents, nations, areas, cities, towns, villages, &c. I developed this people - and their language - so I can name and label everything with consistency. This doesn't mean that places and titles do not have names in the native language of the nation/country/area. I just didn't want to create 25+ languages to name places, and none of the nations actually know about the world at large - they're pretty much confined to their own continent, if not their own country and the countries immediately bordering them.

    So, my big question is: is this even a good idea? I tried to give everything a plausible, semi-translatable name (for instance, one of the oceans is named Asherekadan, which is a combination of the words for "frozen" and "water(s)"). I'd really like to know what people think of this - I'm working on some more maps, particularly continent and nation maps, but I'm thinking that maybe using just one conlang to name everything might look a bit too uniform. What are people's preferences for this? Should I use Trajan for just larger maps and use other conlangs for specific nation/city/&c. maps? I know this is a bit of a broad question, but I'm interested in people's opinions.

    * For anyone interested, I've attached a PDF document with the details of Trajan - pronunciation, word order, how adjectives & adverbs are handled, &c. Just for kicks, really. (If you have feedback about the language itself, I'd love to hear it of course). Thanks for your opinions!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Trajan_conlang_alizarine.pdf  

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