As some of you might know, I joined the community in 2008 but vanished after just saying "hello" to you. Unfortunately, my computer crashed down(?) and after buying a new workstation and installing all the software I simply lost two thirds of my bookmarks. When I went over my notes of my ongoing story I found the link to this site again. So, yeah ... I'm back. : O

Please forgive the delay of nearly two years! I'll try to visit this site more often. But back to the topic: For a new story (something like the manga Bleach) I need to draw a map of the Empyreum, a continent where the Gods, titans, elves etc. live. Therefor I thought I could post my WIP here in order to show that I'm still alive (*cough* >.>) and to get some feedback. Unfortunately, it's already 01:00 am and the only thing I managed to finish for 'today' was the coastline. New pics will follow asap.

Oh, and as always: Please excuse my grammar because English isn't my native tongue. : )

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