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Thread: The Western Baronies

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    Default Tinkering with the Forests

    Well, I couldn't resist tinkering a bit more with the forests during study breaks. Hohum, I took your comment about the need for forest clearings under advisement and decided to get rid of the "individual trees" layer, and add a new, sparser layer of individual trees. Another reason that I did this is that the old layer was a solid green that seemed out of sink with the browner hues that I added in later. Oh, and names for the forests have been added.

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    This has turned out quite nicely - well done!
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    Thanks Steel General! Still have a bit more to add before it's complete though. Next up are the names of terrain, rivers and roads, and perhaps a bit more work on the land texture as well. But it's coming along. If anyone sees anything that might be improved upon I'm all ears. One suggestion I received, and will likely implement, was to add some more individual trees closer to the base of the mountains so that the treeline would not look so drastic.

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    Default Update: Lay of the Land

    Well, I have given names to the terrain now, and am getting close to calling this one done (still need to name the rivers and roads). Any final observations, critiques etc before I wrap this up?
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    looking really good, still think that the road are to "low" in the map - they look like the are carved into the landscape, other than that - perfect
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    Everything appeals to me. I see Tilt's point with the roads. Would be better if those roads were more subtle, but I'd grade this with a "High Distiction" either way.
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    I really like the progress of the WIP and agree with tilt about the roads. Is there a specific reason that some villages are not connected?

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    very nice looking map. crisp and clean. great!!
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    The roads, oh yes I had forgotten about those! Thanks everyone for bringing this to my attention, I will definitely tone them down. To answer your question Katto, my thinking was that since building and maintaining roads is a somewhat expensive enterprise, only the most important settlements would be connected by roads. The river is another major trade route, so it is not as if those settlements are completely cut off from civilization. Thanks everyone for your comments.


    Edit: taking another look at the map however, I seen now that I had added a couple new villages along the south-eastern side of the river. Having so many eastern settlements would probably warrant the Barony of Asdelor's building of a southern road. I'll add this to the map.

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    Well, I worked on the roads a bit, and then tired to add in names for them and the rivers. However, the text got all pixelated and unreadable when I set it along a curved path. I have yet to work with vector programs such as Inkscape. In the future I may try to utilize such programs to add in the names of these rivers and roads. For the time being however I'm going to call this map done. You can find a link to the final version here.

    Thanks to everyone who provided me with helpful feedback.


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