Is there a single tool that will let me:

1) import a floorplan from a .png (12 to Midnight produces lovely CAD-style floorplans)
2) do a textured fill for the floor in various rooms
3) either stamp or drag and drop photo-real .pngs like the ones that come with Dundjinni for furniture and objects
4) do a fill with photo-real .pngs in case I need to populate a forest or something

The goal is to provide a battlemat that is also a somewhat immersive experience, hence the desire for realistic-looking stuff.

It seems like I can do 2 and 3 with Dundjinni.

I could do 1 and 2 with Photoshop or GIMP, but I don't know how to import textures.

ALL of these seem like they could be done in CC3, but I have no idea how to even start using that and I want to make a map by Thursday. Plus the symbols don't seem to be very realistic.

If this is all covered in a single post somewhere, I apologize. I searched some, but because all these terms show up everywhere, it's hard to find.